In Neerach

What is flowering at present among others in Neerach




We are nature lovers with

peculiar affection to orchids, birds and also to Italy.

Here in Neerach we maintain many orchids and Mediterranean plants.

Since the collecting rage unfortunately never takes an end, the plants become ever more and the space ever closer.

That forces to the improvisation.




  The whole Year

The greenhouse is the home of nearly all ladyslipper orchids (Paphiopedilum) as well as some Cattleyas, Vandas, Oncidiums, Masdevallias and Cochliodas.

Importantly, in addition, is location of all young plants.


  In The Summer

From May till the end of October many plants have a summer location in the garden. Among them are Cymbidiums, Dendrobium nobile types, cold Odontoglossums, Paph. armeniacum, Paph. emersonii and Tillandsias.

Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums completely in the open, Odontoglossums in a shady place, see photo.

  In The Winter

All plants, those spending the summer in the open, are living during the wintertime in a winter garden added to the house. The winter garden is unheated, only electrical freeze protection is present. It is heated by the calorific loss of the house, on average between 5 and 10 degrees C.


What is flowering at present among others in Neerach