About us


April 1959: in the jungle of Mexico orchid plants inspired us. Our new hobby started. The interest in it rose, also the number of plants we bought. Our dwelling at that time had suddenly too little window place, the large living room window had been replaced by a flower window. The orchid plants grew,also we could not always resist buying again beautiful plants when visiting nurseries. Next, the window of the third room became a flower window. And then? – we rented a new room in addition, which was good enough for that time.

February 1972: To solve the space problem there remained only to move out in the country in order to build a greenhouse. Because of the orchids we came from the city of Zurich to Neerach.

Christmas 1992 presented us a one-room apartment with a small garden in Liguria Italy. There, in the garden, we maintain besides Mediterranean and exotic plants also orchids, native and even tropical ones...

Naturally the hobby continued to grow. We began to cross orchids and raise them from seeds. Thus different new hybrids were developed and in England, at The Royal Horticultural Society, registered. These new breedings carry in the new plant name the designation

Neeri - .....

The name "Neeri–Orchids" we gave us 1978, so that we could take part in national and international orchid shows. Forty years orchid growing and –breeding brought us many awards, which fulfill us with some pride.

Today we are concentrating ourselves mainly on ladyslipper orchids (Paphiopedilum) because all these nature forms (approx. 100 species) are today in the appendix I of the protection of species agreement (CITES) specified and may be only traded if they are artificially multiplied.

Therefore we raise them from seeds.

Erika and Roland Rusterholz