The plant-hobby has in relation to other hobbies (i.e. animal hobby) more high points:

  To cultivate a plant successfully over many years.

  To bring a plant each year to bloom.

  To increase a plant by division, but especially by seeds.

Since 1974 we are engaged, with changing success, with the sowing of orchids. We began with a Cymbidium sowing, which ranks also today still among the easier kinds to raise from seeds. Since that time we made approximately 1500 sowings. We had to pay dear for the wisdom. Many obstacles had to be mastered, and also today not everything goes without difficulties. This is probably better so, thus the spirit is demanded again and again. The largest cliff is still the one to transfer the tender seedlings from the guarded in vitro–life into the "badly" environment.

We became "lazy", that means for example, we buy today standard nutrient agar mixtures. At the beginning the alchemy was in demand. We sow today only unripe and closed seed pots. At the beginning, chlorinated lime or hydrogen peroxide was still in demand. We use hermetically closed culture containers, that means jam glasses with twist-off covers (economical). Those have the large advantage, that the soil does not dry out. But also the disadvantage, that, with the time, a CO2-lack develops. That has to be removed by occasional opening the glasses in controlled environment (Clean Bench). The large advantage is however, that the seedlings can be taken out the glass through the large opening without smashing the glass or hurting the plants.

A tipster still, if you like to try it with hermetically closed containers/glasses. Through sterilizing the glasses in a pressure cooker and cooling down there results in the glass an under-pressure, therefore the glasses cannot be opened well and, still more badly, in the moment of the opening ambient air will be sucked in and usually also germs, the consequences are well-known. Squeeze in under the cover a Teflon strip of ~ 5 x 1 cm with a thickness of 0,2 - 0,3 mm when autoclaving and let the glasses cool down with the strip. Subsequently, you can pull the strip out. The problem is solved.


Some examples of what is for the moment in the pipeline:



Soph. coccinea


Paph. haynaldianum



Paph. stonei



Paph. rothschildianum


Paph. sanderianum



Paph. druryi




Div. Paph.- Seedlings

Paph. Neerach - Seedlings



first flowering seedlings

Paph. charlesworthii

Paph. purpuratum